Background to the Beating Stress in Autism Campaign

Research Autism recognises stress as a major issue in autism. Not only does it affect so many people on the autism sA Future Made Togetherpectrum, but also caregivers, and professionals within the autism community.

One of the conclusions of the seminal report commissioned by Research Autism, A Future Made Together was that autistic people and families regarded stress as probably the biggest single factor affecting their quality of life, wellbeing, relationships and opportunities.

As a result of this report, we identified stress as a major priority within our research programme. Other work to date can be seen in our conference programme, and more recently in the latest of our series of online Q&As.

We have also produced a factsheet 'Managing Stress in Autism'.

It is clear that much more needs to be done to understand and respond to stress.

Stress seminarFor this reason Research Autism is conducting some work to highlight the effects of stress and to explore with some urgency better ways of understanding and dealing with it.

You can see details of our upcoming half-day seminar Practical Strategies for Dealing with Stress in Autism, which takes place in just four weeks.

You can read the transcript of our recent Online Q&A on the subject of stress in autism.

You can support our campaign Beating Stress in Autism.

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12 Mar 2018