Choosing Autism Interventions: Ask the Authors

The authors of a new book 'Choosing Autism Interventions: A Research-Based Guide' will be answering your questions in our special World Autism Awareness Day online Q&A, Thursday 2 April 2015, 12.30pm (GMT).

Choosing Autism InterventionsResearch Autism is delighted to be launching it's first full publication in partnership with Autism West Midlands. Choosing Autism Interventions: A Research-Based Guide provides an accessible evidence-based overview of the most commonly used interventions for children and adults on the autism spectrum. It summarises best clinical practice from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and gives a set of tools to help you evaluate interventions for yourself. It is the first guide of its kind to meet the requirements of the NHS Information Standard and is of value to people with autism, their parents and carers and professionals alike.

The book has three authors, two of whom will be answering your questions:

Bernard Fleming is the Information Manager at Research Autism. He has worked in the disability sector for the last 29 years and served on the editorial board of NHS Choices for five years. He currently runs the Research Autism information service.

The Goth was diagnosed 13 years ago with high-functioning autism, and has been working as a trainer and advocate in the autism field since then. He has advised on two television series that featured autists and co-written Asperger's Syndrome for Dummies (2010).

You can read more about the book here. The book is kindly supported by:




Your questions answered

If you have a question for Bernard and The Goth join us live on Thursday 2 April. You can also email us in advance with your question: Anoushka Pattenden at events@researchautism.net

The purpose of this online Q&A is to answer questions about the book- for example why we wrote it, how we wrote it, how our experience helped the process, and how it might aid families and professionals.

If you have questions which are not about the book (such as questions about a specific intervention) please email info@researchautism.net
Thank you.

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Live Blog Choosing Autism Interventions: Ask the Authors
Live Blog Choosing Autism Interventions: Ask the Authors

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