Diagnosis - Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

Ann Memmott will be answering your questions in our live online Q&A, Wednesday 5 October 2016, 12.30pm (GMT).

Ann Memmott

Ann is Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Autism’s Advisory Board, working with some 200 Peers and MPs. Ann is autistic, and has an autistic son who is also a consultant working with autism. Ann’s consultancy work includes advising professionals and organisations on autism access, on gender and sexuality, and on links with general disability.  Recent work includes training of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and achievement of the autism access awards for Windsor Castle and for the BBC in Manchester.

Ann will be speaking at our upcoming conference Beyond Autism: What does an autism diagnosis mean?, taking place on Wednesday 19 October 2016. She will be questioning whether receiving an autism diagnosis is a relief and a gateway to services and support, a way to gain better understanding of self and others, or a way to disadvantage some. She will also explore where we are with diagnosis, including whether answers may vary according to gender.

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25 Oct 2017