Presentations from: Autism in Women and Girls

Autism in Women and Girls conference run by Research AutismThe Research Autism/Lorna Wing series of conferences and seminars presents

Autism in women and girls: implications for diagnosis, education, services, support and quality of life

Chaired by Dr Lorna Wing

Special guest/keynote speaker: Professor Christopher Gillberg

Date: Thursday, 25 February 2010

Venue: London Marriott Hotel, Marble Arch, 134 George Street, London, W1H 5DN

This event was the first in the series of Research Autism-Lorna Wing conferences and seminars and examined the timely issue of autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) in women and girls. We were delighted to bring together some of the foremost experts in the world to explore this topic.

Following Professor Gillberg's findings regarding possible "under diagnosis", this issue attracted great interest from clinicians, academics, the third sector, the national press and from women with ASC.


The aim of the conference was to

  • Provide further insight into the possible "under diagnosis" of girls and women
  • Explore the particular issues surrounding the education of girls with ASC and of women and employment
  • Examine the links between eating disorders and ASC in women and girls
  • Provide first hand accounts of life from women with ASC and the implications for life and relationships
  • Highlight the need for future research in this area

' As an autism professional seeking up-to-date illustrations of good practice, this conference was definitively the best presented and most informative that I have attended in the past 5 years.'

Christopher Mitchell, Team Manager, Nottinghamshire Adults with Asperger's Team, Nottinghamshire County Council


  • Dr Lorna Wing, Consultant Psychiatrist, National Autistic Society. Chair's opening. Autism in women and girls. An overview of the topic and the day
  • Professor Christopher Gillberg, Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Gothenburg, Sweden: Autistic conditions in women and girls: Clinical perspectives on diagnosis, assessment and intervention
  • Nadine Stavonina - de Montagnac (aka Rozagy). Award winning screenwriter, artist and writer with autism: Relationships, family and life in an alien society - A personal perspective of late diagnosis and implications for health and family and social relationships
  • Dr Jacqui Ashton Smith, Principal, Helen Allison School, Kent, National Autistic Society: What are the important features involved in the education of girls with an autism spectrum condition?
  • David Perkins, Manager, National Autistic Society Prospects Employment Service, London and Scotland: The world of work: What are the special considerations for the female job seeker with an autism spectrum condition?
  • Professor Marie Harder, University of Brighton: Personal perspectives of communication, change and relationships within the workplace.
  • Professor Janet Treasure, Institute of Psychiatry, London: Eating disorders in girls and young women. The relationship of eating disorders to ASC and implications for diagnosis and treatment
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