Presentations from Autism and Challenging Behaviour: One Person at a Time

The Research Autism Lorna Wing series of conferences and seminars presents:

Autism and Challenging Behaviour: One Person at a Time

Practical and personal approaches for the wellbeing of children and adults with autism who challenge


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Date: Wednesday 12 November 2014, 9.00 am - 4.30 pm. Venue: Copthorne Hotel, Newcastle NE1 3RT

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About this conference

People with the label of challenging behaviour are one of the most vulnerable groups in our community. Often labelled 'complex' they are at high risk of abuse, neglect and exclusion. They and their families deserve to benefit from advances in our understanding of these issues in the form of safe and effective support.

The ongoing scandal related to the abuse of people with autism and learning disability at the Winterbourne View Hospital and the failure to commission suitable alternatives keeps the issue of challenging behaviour in the spotlight. Despite some progress in practice and policies that advocate personalisation, the evidence for successful approaches in challenging behaviour is weak. There is a still reliance on models of care that have consistently failed. Examples of good personalised practice are rare but do exist and we should learn from them. Why they are successful and why they are so difficult to replicate. Challenging behaviour is still too often viewed as 'located' within the person rather than the wider social and physical environment. Only a holistic approach will help but this is sadly seldom seen in practice.

This conference will explore personalised approaches to the issue of challenging behaviour from a wellbeing perspective. It will bring together some of the foremost experts in the field, with a view to improving the outlook for individuals, and indeed families, who face daily struggles. This event will be of interest to anyone wishing to learn good practice which is ethical, respectful and effective.

For parents/carers, commissioning teams, health, social care, and education professionals, and people with autism.

***You can read the transcript from our pre-event online Q&A with Andrew McDonnell here***

Chaired by:

  • Richard Mills, Research Director, Research Autism and member of the NICE Guideline Development Group on autism in adults
  • Click here to read apology for absence message from Dr Jacqui Jackson


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