My Family and Autism

The Research Autism Lorna Wing series of conferences and seminars presents:

My Family and Autism

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Date: Thursday 21 May 2015, 9.00 am - 4.30 pm. Venue: Holborn Bars, 138-142 Holborn, London EC1N 2NQ

About this conference

Autism does not only affect individuals, but families as a whole. Research often focuses on the way that autism affects the individual child or adult but often does so in isolation and without regard for the wider impact.

This conference focuses on the whole family - what is the impact? How can the outlook and quality of life be improved for the person with autism as well as parents/carers and siblings?

Topics to be explored will include the experience of caregivers both (positive and negative), accessing support, dealing with stress, and navigating everyday life. Attendees will benefit from hearing experts in the field including individuals with autism, parents and caregivers, researchers and practitioners.

This conference would benefit professionals from health, care, education, and local authorities. Parents/carers and people with autism should also attend.

** Professor Daniel Mills took part in a pre-conference online Q&A 'Pet Dogs and Children with Autism', you can read the transcript here. **

Chaired by:

  • Richard Mills, Research Director, Research Autism and member of the NICE Guideline Development Group on challenging behaviour
  • Janis Sharp, Author, and Mother to Gary McKinnon who has Asperger syndrome and faced extradition for hacking US government computers


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(We were delighted to have 100 subsidised places for parents/carers and people with autism, kindly funded by the City of London.)

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