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The 'autisms': important perspectives on autism: The significance of medical and other co-occuring conditions in autism: Implications for diagnosis, intervention and services

Date: Thursday 19th May 2011 | Venue: Church House Conference Centre, Westminster, London | Chairs: Dr Lorna Wing and Professor Chris Cullen.


Autism or autism spectrum conditions are often described in ways that suggest a unitary condition or disorder. In so doing children and adults on the autism spectrum may not have their specific needs met and the outcome for such individuals may be significantly compromised. This conference aims to take a broad perspective of autism or the autisms by exploring the nature and significance of underlying or co-occurring conditions and the implications of this for assessment, diagnosis, intervention and services.


  • Dr Juli Crocombe, Consultant Psychiatrist, South Staffs NHS Trust, Research Autism. Co occurring psychiatric problems in autism. Anxiety and depression- how psychiatry can help or hinder effective treatment. Part 1 the clinician's view
16 May 2018