Feedback from The Lorna Wing Series of Conferences and Seminars

Dr Lorna WingThe late Dr Lorna Wing established and gave her name to the Research Autism conference series. Dr Wing had an instinct for identifying topics she thought were important but not receiving sufficient attention, and was the first to identify the need to focus on women and girls - our very first conference which took place in 2006.

Other conference topics have since included stress; mental health and wellbeing; co-morbidities; challenging behaviour, creating an autism-friendly world, and learning disabilities. Speakers have included Professor Simon Baron-Cohen; Professor Chris Gillberg; Dr Judi Gould, Professor Francesca Happe, and Professor Thomas Bourgeron.

"Thank you for such a wonderful conference last week – I came away feeling all inspired and motivated!"

"This has genuinely been the most enjoyable conference I have attended (and I’ve been to a lot of conferences!)."

"What I heard is quite informative, educational and inspiring."

"Best conference on autism I've been to yet."

“Truly fabulous.”

"The knowledge we have acquired attending your conferences has been of enormous help in securing appropriate provision for our sons, and indeed continuous to empower us in what seem endless battles with providers and commissioning authorities in maintaining that provision. Thank you."

Who attends our conferences?

Our conferences attract a mixed audience of professionals, parents/carers, and adults on the autism spectrum. Professionals often include Psychologists; Occupational Therapists; Speech & Language Therapists; Social Care Workers; SENCO's; Educational Psychologists; Inclusion Managers; Disability Advisors; Local Authority Outreach Teams; and Care Managers of day/residential services.

What do our attendees say?

"All the speakers were EXCELLENT. Best conference on autism I’ve been to yet."
"Very insightful, great to hear about where we are with autism research."
"I learned too many things to mention."
"Such a brilliant day, Need to go away and read up and digest it all."
"Thoroughly enjoyed it!"
"As a parent, I feel empowered and encouraged to negotiate on behalf and with my son!"
"Chris Gillberg was simply brilliant."

Attendees of October 2016 Research Autism conference

"Very informative."
"Excellent and wide coverage. Please do more of these seminars."
"Can't wait til the next one."

Attendees of June 2016 Research Autism conference

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful programme and such eminent speakers in the field!"
"I’ve worked in autism for 10 years and feel I have really learnt a lot. The warmth, humour, acceptance and positivity of all presenters has been fantastic."
"Very thoughtful, useful and thought-provoking conference. Overall an excellent conference and feedback taken seriously. Thank you."
"All speakers were fabulous. So many things, I can’t put it all down."
"Where do I start! Excellent event, organized very well. Excellent speakers and location. Thank you Deepa and team."
"This conference has been invaluable to me, totally personally, but has also guided me to better support other family members and explain things/facts to friends."

"Thank you – another very valuable conference."
"It was even better than I expected… many thanks for a great event. I am looking forward to hearing about next one.”
"Thought provoking, challenging, inspiring, thank you."

Attendees of November 2015 Research Autism conference

"Good mix of speakers. Good to include autistic speakers."
"Good information and new information."
"I have learnt a lot from all of the individual presentations. I would like to follow up on much of this in order to incorporate into practice."
"Today has been brilliant and I have learnt loads... It was extremely enlightening and opened my eyes to a lot of new viewpoints and excellent ideas to make the world more autism-friendly." 

Attendees of July 2015 Research Autism conference

"Everything very interesting - good diversity of programme."
"Very informative day. Particularly appreciated contributions made by parents - and individuals with a diagnosis - as I attend the conference as a professional supporting families and individuals, mindful of their thoughts, views and feelings as I engage with them."
"Good to hear speakers with either people in the family with autism or being autistic themselves. Could relate as a parent."
"I love the conference today, in particular the variety of speakers, and variety of opinions. I learned a lot."
"I will definitely take what I have learnt into my personal and professional life and development."
"Thank you for this conference. It has given me a chance to think and reflect and has given me knowledge to put into practice at home."
"Excellent cross-section of info and experiences today."
"Thank you again for a fantastic conference... Keep up the good work."

Attendees of May 2015 Research Autism conference

How do attendees rate our conferences?

  • 93% of attendees rated the programme as 'excellent' or 'above average' [Beyond Autism: What does an autism diagnosis mean?, October 2016]
  • 97% of attendees rated the presentations as 'excellent' or 'above average' [Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Janus View of Autism,  November 2015]
  • 94% of attendees rated the booking process as 'excellent' or 'above average' [Practical Strategies for Dealing with Stress in Autism, June 2016]

Why attend?

  • Access quality speakers - usually a mix of researchers, practitioners, and people with autism.
  • Have your question answered by an expert.
  • Learn about topics not previously addressed or of high relevance.
  • Utilise the opportunity to network with individuals with similar interests or experiences.
  • Take learnings back to your colleagues or relatives.
  • Gain full access to all presentations online, post-event.

Watch Professor Francesca Happe talking about the importance of Research Autism conferences:

You can see Jane Asher, Dr Judith Gould, Professor Digby Tantam, Damian Milton and many others discussing Research Autism conferences on our YouTube channel.

Whether you are a parent of a child recently diagnosed, or are a professional serving the autism community - you will gain insight and practical guidance from attending our conferences.

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