Research Autism's Comment on Research at the University of London's Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development

Comment Date: 27 January 2012

"The research undertaken at the University of London's Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development is a significant development in terms of early diagnosis, which is very important.

"Research Autism is committed to ensuring timely access to help, support and treatment that will maintain or improve the quality of life of the person with autism and their family. Receiving an accurate and prompt diagnosis has an important role to play here. It is interesting that this research highlights that some children show the early signs of autism but do not go on to develop the condition. Also other children do not show signs of autism until they are older, emphasizing the importance of a rapid response from knowledgeable professionals at whatever stage concerns are raised.

"It is vital that parental concerns about their children are listened to so that they are given the appropriate advice and access to the right interventions. Their needs will vary and will depend on the age of the child and the nature of their difficulties and concerns. At present parents are often having to wait several months before their concerns are listened to or acted upon and may get conflicting or harmful advice in the interim, which is unnecessary and unacceptable." Richard Mills, Research Autism.


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