Research Autism's Response to the Petition that has been Served to the Prime Minister today by People with Autism in Support of Gary McKinnon

Date: 5th December 2008

Autism is a social and communications disability that can mean that people living with the condition can be socially naive and might possess a high level of technical expertise that can occasionally get them into trouble. We hope that in the case of Gary McKinnon the court takes full account of his diagnosis so that he can receive the right sort of help.

We believe there are many undiagnosed adults with autism spectrum disorders but we don't know how many or what their needs are as there have been no proper studies of adults. We look forward to participating in a study that will lead to a better understanding. The Government recognises this and has agreed to make funding available for such a study.


For any media enquiries please contact: Deepa Korea on 020 86170536 or 07723 606629 or email press@researchautism.net

Notes to Editors:

Research Autism exists to fund research undertaken by the UK's leading autism experts into safe and effective treatments and therapies for people living with autism and to evaluate and provide trustworthy information on all of the therapies that currently exist via www.researchautism.net. Areas of research currently funded by Research Autism include self-harm, sleep deprivation, mentoring and bullying.

The diagnosis of autism should be the key to receiving help, not to being imprisoned.

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