Conference to Explore Link Between Autism and OCD, Eating Disorders and Sleep Problems

Date: 27 November 2013

On 4 December 2013, Research Autism will be holding the latest in its Lorna Wing conference series entitled Autism Plus: Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in autism. The conference will explore the link between autism and a number of associated issues including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, eating disorders and sleep problems.

Dr Amita Jassi, Clinical Psychologist and OCD Specialist at the Maudsley Hospital in London, will be focusing on the assessment and treatment of OCD in people with ASD. She will present the findings of a randomised controlled trial has been completed to examine the effectiveness of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for OCD in people with autism.

Dr Kate Tchanturia, Reader in the Psychology of Eating Disorders at King's College London, will address similarities and differences between anorexia nervosa and autism. She will focus on cognitive characteristics, extreme attention to detail, and difficulties in flexibility of thinking in patients with anorexia. She will also be presenting the findings of experimental studies exploring poor theory of mind, poor emotional intelligence, problems with expressing emotions, and the inability to gain pleasure from enjoyable experiences.

Professor Paul Gringras, a renowned expert in pediatric neurodisability and sleep at Guys and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust, will explore the growing body of evidence and experience in the treatment of sleep disorders in autism that draws on behavioural, sensory and psychopharmacological strategies, and at times combinations of these.

Deepa Korea, Chief Executive of Research Autism said:

"Autism is a complex condition which brings with it many additional challenges. With 60% of people with Asperger Syndrome reporting that they have felt suicidal, failure to deal with these challenges can be catastrophic. Left unaddressed, mental health problems can also impact on society, contributing to the cost of supporting people with autism in the UK, estimated to be £27.5 billion annually.

This conference will provide a valuable opportunity to explore some of the key issues associated with autism and, importantly, explore evidence-based approaches to treatments with experts in the field."


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Bernard Fleming, Information Manager, Tel. 020 3490 3091, email info@researchautism.net

Research Autism


Research Autism is the only UK charity dedicated to the production of quality, trusted information on autism treatments and other approaches. Its Information Centre is informed by world experts and accredited by the NHS Information Standard, an independent kite-mark of reliability and quality. It guides people through the minefield of interventions on offer, allowing them to make informed decisions based on impartial, factual information, including risks and hazards. Its research programme is derived from the priorities of autistic people and families and addresses areas that affect everyday life. 

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