Alphabetic List of Interventions, Treatments and Therapies

This section contains an alphabetic list of interventions, and some specific techniques, designed to help people on the autism spectrum.

You may be able to find more information, including links to other parts of this website, by clicking on the title of an intervention.

If you know of an intervention which is not listed here please email info@researchautism.net.

Please note that we reserve the right to not include information about an intervention if we do not consider it appropriate.

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Glossary Item Description

Calcium is a mineral found in many foods including dairy products, green leafy vegetables, soybean products, baked goods made from fortified flour and some nuts. It is sometimes taken as a supplement.

Calcium Pangamate

Calcium pangamate is another name for dimethylglycine (DMG), a derivative of the amino acid glycine.


CAM is an acronym for complementary and alternative medicine.

Camel Milk

Camel milk is a traditonal food used by the bedouin and other peoples in the Middle East.

Camphill Movement

The Camphill Movement runs communities in England and Wales which offer opportunities for people with special needs to live, learn and work with others of all abilities in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect.


Campral is a brand name for acamprosate, a drug used to help people avoid drinking alcohol again.

Canine Therapy

Canine therapy is another name for assistance dogs and also a type of pet therapy.


Carbamazepine is a type of anticonvulsant, a group of drugs designed to prevent or reduce the severity of seizures.


Carbatrol is a brand name for carbamazepine, a type of anticonvulsant designed to prevent or reduce the severity of seizures.

Care Home

Care home is another term for residential care, which refers to the care and support provided to individuals in a residential setting rather than in their own home or within the community.


Carnitine is an amino acid which helps in the consumption and disposal of fat in the body and which is sometimes taken as a nutritional supplement.


Carnosina is another term for carnosine, which is a naturally occurring dipeptide i.e. molecule consisting of two amino acids, found in the human body.


Carnosine is a naturally occurring dipeptide i.e. molecule consisting of two amino acids, found in the human body.


Cartooning is the use of cartoons to enhance social understanding, for example, by drawing thought bubbles to show what someone is thinking.

Casein-Free Diet

The casein-free diet is based around elimination or reduction of casein, a protein found in dairy products such as milk, butter and yogurt.


Casting is a procedure which involves wearing a cast to stretch out the tendon.


Catapres is a brand name for clonidine, a type of drug called an alpha 2-adrenergic receptor agonist or anti-hypertensive.


CBM is an acronym for cognitive behavioural modification, also known as cognitive behavioural therapy.

Cell or Cellular Therapy

Cell therapy (also known as cellular therapy or stem cell therapy) includes a variety of procedures in which processed tissue from animal embryos, foetuses or organs, is injected or swallowed.

Cell Salts

Cell salts are a form of homeopathy in which tiny amounts of minerals, usually in the form of tablets, are taken to relieve various symptoms.


The fact that an intervention or technique is listed here does not necessarily mean that we support its use. Nor does it mean that there is any scientifically valid or reliable evidence behind it.

Over time we hope to evaluate each of the interventions and techniques in this section, providing a ranking which tells you the level of scientific evidence which supports or does not support its use. You can find details of the interventions we have already ranked in Our Evaluations of Autism Interventions, Treatments and Therapies.

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