Alphabetic List of Interventions, Treatments and Therapies

This section contains an alphabetic list of interventions, and some specific techniques, designed to help people on the autism spectrum.

You may be able to find more information, including links to other parts of this website, by clicking on the title of an intervention.

If you know of an intervention which is not listed here please email info@researchautism.net.

Please note that we reserve the right to not include information about an intervention if we do not consider it appropriate.

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Glossary Item Description

L-carnitine is another name for carnitine, a compound which helps in the consumption and disposal of fat in the body and which is sometimes taken as a nutritional supplement


L-carnosine is another term for carnosine, which is a naturally occurring dipeptide i.e. molecule consisting of two amino acids, found in the human body


L-cysteine is another term for cysteine, an amino acid that can be found in many proteins throughout the body.


L-glutamine is another term for glutamine, a conditionally essential amino acid, used as a dietary supplement


L-serine is another term for serine, a non essential amino acid found in many proteins in the body (e.g., casein, vitellin).


Lamictal is a brand name for lamotrigine, a type of anticonvulsant which is also used as a mood stabiliser.


Lamotrigine is a type of anticonvulsant designed to prevent or reduce the severity of seizures.


LAMP is an acronym for Language Acquisition through Motor Planning, a programme developed for implementing alternative and augmentative communication.

Language Acquisition through Motor Planning

Language acquisition through motor planning (LAMP) is a programme of clinical strategies developed for implementing augmentative and alternative communication with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Language for Learning

Language for Learning is one curriculum area in Direct Instruction, an instructional intervention, which focuses on teaching oral language.

Lateral Pressure Equipment

Lateral pressure equipment is any device, such as the hug machine, which allows individuals to apply deep pressure to themselves.


Latuda is a brand name for lurasidone, a type of medication called an atypical antipsychotic, used to treat mental health problems such as schizophrenia.


LEAP is an acronym for Learning Experiences, An Alternative Program for Preschoolers and Parents, an intervention in which very young children with autism are taught alongside ordinary children.

Learning Experiences, An Alternative Program for Preschoolers and Parents

Learning Experiences - An Alternative Program for Preschoolers and Parents is an educational programme in which small groups of children with autism are taught alongside a small number of typically developing children.

LEGO Therapy

Lego therapy is a form of play therapy in which building materials are used to encourage children with autism to play with and communicate with other people.

Leisure Activities Group-Based Programme

Leisure activities group-based programmes are structured group programmes based around leisure activities.


Lekotek is a programme to lend assistive technology, toys and expertise to disabled children.


Lenalidomide belongs to a class of drugs called immunomodulatory drugs.


Leuprolide is a synthetic hormone sold under various brand names including Eligard, Lupron, Prostap, and Viadur.


Levetiracetam is a type of anticonvulsant, a group of drugs which aim to prevent or reduce the severity of seizures.


The fact that an intervention or technique is listed here does not necessarily mean that we support its use. Nor does it mean that there is any scientifically valid or reliable evidence behind it.

Over time we hope to evaluate each of the interventions and techniques in this section, providing a ranking which tells you the level of scientific evidence which supports or does not support its use. You can find details of the interventions we have already ranked in Our Evaluations of Autism Interventions, Treatments and Therapies.

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