Evaluation Process

This section explains our processes for checking the scientific validity and reliability of our evaluations of interventions on this website.

These processes are checked and approved by Information Standard accredited member logothe Information Standard, a health and care certification programme supported by NHS England. Further information about The Information Standard.


  • The Information Manager and relevant subject experts agree to write and/or update a factsheet on an intervention.
  • The subject expert advises the Information Manager on the key points and key references for that intervention.
  • The Information Manager undertakes a literature review to identify any other relevant references. The review includes searching a range of key databases, such as Autism Data and Pub Med.
  • The Information Manager looks at the summaries of the materials, discards any which do no meet the agreed criteria, and then obtains full copies of all of the remaining references.
  • Each reference is then analysed against a standard checklist to determine the scientific validity of the research. This checklist is an amended version of the checklists developed by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence for similar purposes.
  • The key findings are then put into an evidence table - which allows us to compare information from a range of studies.
  • The Information Manager then pulls all of this information together, using an agreed template, and adds additional information about the intervention for people who know nothing about the subject.
  • The information is then proof-read by another member of staff.
  • The materials are then sent to three subject experts, including our Research Director, for comments and criticism.
  • If necessary, the Information Manager amends the information based on the feedack from the three subject experts.
  • The amended version is then sent to three member of the Readers Panel, a group of users which includes people on the autism spectrum, parents/carers, and service providers. They check the information for accuracy, relevance and accessibility,
  • The final version is then sent to the Scientific and Advisory Committee for sign off, after which the information is published on our website.
  • Another member of staff checks that the Information Manager has followed all appropriate procedures and then signs off the document production checklist.
  • The information is checked and updated at least once every three years.

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