Apps and Autism

An app is a computer application. Most people use the term app to refer to a computer programme (software) that can be downloaded and used on an electronic device, such as a mobile phone or a tablet.

An enormous range of apps is available and they all do different things (for example there are apps that forecast the weather, apps for well-known news providers, and games).

There are a number of apps which have been specifically  designed to help people on the autism spectrum and each one will be designed to achieve different aims.

For example, the ReacTickles apps use touch, gesture and audio input to encourage interactive communication. Other apps provide help with life skills and literacy, provide social stories and visual schedules, or are games specifically designed for people with autism.

Some apps can be used by autistic people of any age and any ability while other apps may only be appropriate for autistic people who can deal with complex systems and processes.

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15 Jun 2018