Natural Products and Autism

Natural products include a variety of herbal medicines (also known as botanicals), vitamins, minerals, and other natural products such as essential fatty acids.

Many of these natural products are sold over the counter as dietary or nutritional supplements. The idea behind the use of most natural products is to overcome nutritional or metabolic imbalances found in people on the autism spectrum, which are supposed to cause some of the symptoms of autism (such as impaired communication and social difficulties) and related issues (such as challenging behaviours).

Various claims have been made for natural products as a treatment for people on the autism spectrum. For example, the following claims were reported in a systematic review of omega-3 fatty acids. Another study described parents reports of improvement in general health, cognitive function, motor skills, sleeping, concentration, eye contact and sociability, and a reduction in aggression, irritability, and hyperactivity.

Please see separate section on Diets and Supplements for details of these interventions.

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15 Jun 2018