Educational Interventions and Autism


The term educational intervention is very wide ranging and means different things to different people.

In practice it tends to mean any intervention which is delivered in an educational setting (such as a nursery, a school or a college) or which aims to educate i.e. teach or develop, the recipients of the  intervention.

So some educational interventions, such as portage, are aimed at pre-school children and their parents but actually take place in the family home. 

There is a huge overlap between educational interventions and other types of intervention, especially Behavioural and Developmental Interventions and Parent Training and Support Programmes (most of which use one or more behavioural or developmental techniques).


Some pre-school interventions (such as some forms of early intensive behavioural intervention) have some supporting research evidence. Less evidence exists for the other interventions in this section

Risks and safety

No risks are known for most pre-school interventions.

Specific interventions

We have divided educational interventions into

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21 Feb 2019