Daily Life Therapy and Autism

Daily life therapy (also known as the Higashi method) is a form of specialised education delivered to children with autism attending one of two special schools located in Tokyo, Japan and Boston, USA.

Daily life therapy is based on a holistic view of the mind, body and spirit and consists of five main elements: instruction in groups; instruction based on imitation of others; highly structured routine activities; rigorous physical exercise; and a curriculum that focuses on movement, music and art.

Daily life therapy is designed to 'help children form bonds, relate to others, communicate and control their anxieties so as to master tasks and learn skills for doing and thinking which will allow them to relate to others at the same time as they develop independence.'

Some other schools, such as the Rugeley Horizon School in the UK, have incorporated some of the principles of daily life therapy into their day to day practice.

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14 Jun 2018