Neurofeedback Training and Autism

Neurofeedback training (also known as EEG biofeedback or electroencephalography biofeedback) is a type of biofeedback training.

Neurofeedback training is designed to train individuals to enhance poorly regulated brainwave patterns by using sophisticated computer technology.

During a typical session, EEG electrodes are placed on the scalp and/or ear lobe(s). These sensors only measure a person's brainwaves; no electrical current enters the brain.

Information on brainwave activity is fed to a computer that converts this information into game-like displays that can be auditory, visual, or both.

Individuals utilize their brainwaves to learn to control the feedback they instantly receive about the amplitude and synchronization of their brain activity.

Some people believe that neurofeedback training can be used to teach individuals on the autism spectrum to overcome problems such as anxiety or poor attention etc.

Please Note

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommended

'Do not use neurofeedback to manage speech and language problems in children and young people with autism.'

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14 Jun 2018