Cell Therapy and Autism

Cell therapy (also known as cellular therapy or stem cell therapy) includes a variety of procedures in which processed tissue from animal embryos, foetuses or organs, is injected or swallowed.

Some people think that cell therapy can provide benefits to people on the autism spectrum by helping to regulate the cells in their bodies.

However other people think that cell therapy has no obvious benefit for individuals on the autism spectrum and that it can be painful, distressing and potentially hazardous depending on how it is administered.

Please Note

According to the International Society for Stem Cell Research:

'Cell transplantation is a relatively new technology and the appropriate laws and regulations may not have been developed or applied to the field. Laws and regulations vary from country to country. Depending on the country and the nature of the procedure, there may be no laws restricting stem cell treatments, making them simply unregulated.'

It is difficult to identify the real costs of using cell therapy because there are so many variables which may include travel, accommodation, food as well as the actual treatment and related practices (such as diagnostic reports).

According to one news report, Megan Munsie (Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne) stated that cell therapy can cost up to $70,000 ABC - 26 August 2014(Open in New Window)

The use of cell therapy can be painful, distressing and potentially hazardous depending on how it is administered.  We have seen news reports which suggest that cell therapy can lead to significant damage, including death, in some individuals.

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