Psychological Interventions and Autism

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Psychological interventions include a wide range of interventions based on psychology, which is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour: how we think, feel, act and interact, individually and in groups.

Psychological interventions include talking therapies (such as as counselling and psychotherapy), creative therapies (such as art therapy) and cognitive and behavioural therapies (such as cognitive behavioural therapy).

Psychological interventions also include a variety of behavioural, developmental and educational interventions.

In this section, we focus on psychological interventions not covered elsewhere on this website, including:

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy  Interventions based around talking to an empathetic listener in a stress-free environment.
  • Psychodynamic therapies: Interventions based on exploring an individual's unconscious thoughts and perceptions. Includes psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy.
  • Creative therapies: Interventions based aouund creative and expressive arts. Includes: art therapy, dance movement therapy, dramatherapy, music therapy and play therapy.
  • Cognitive and behavioural therapies: Interventions based on the idea that how we think, how we feel, and how we act, affect each other. Includes: cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness training.
  • Humanistic therapies: based on an 'holistic' approach that encourages the client to think about their feelings, and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.
  • Other psychological therapies: any other therapies not included above. Includes: holding therapy and packing therapy.

Please see behavioural and developmental interventions and educational interventions for details of other psychological interventions.

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26 Jun 2018