Packing Therapy and Autism

Packing therapy involves wrapping the individual in towels previously wet in cold water. The individual is then wrapped with blankets to help the body warm up.

The supporters of packing claim that it reinforces childrens' consciousness of their bodily limits, which in some psychiatric conditions (such as autism) becomes fragmented.

However some individuals on the autism spectrum, and some health care professionals, have described this treatment as a form of child abuse and a gross violation of basic human rights.

'Against Le Packing: A Consensus Statement' signed by academics from around the world appeared in the Lancet in February 2011 and concluded

''We have reached the consensus that practitioners and families around the world should consider this approach unethical. Furthermore, this 'therapy' ignores current knowledge about autism spectrum disorders; goes against evidence-based practice parameters and treatment guidelines published in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Hungary, and Australia; and, in our view, poses a risk of preventing these children and adolescents from accessing their basic human rights to health and education.'

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14 Jun 2018