Vision, Sight Sensitivity and Autism

Man wearing irlen lensesSome people with autism appear to have problems seeing things clearly.

To them the world seems disjointed, confused and scary.

For example, people and things may seem blurry, move around or even disappear.

When reading, text may flicker, words double or shadowy lines appear on the page.

Some people claim these problems are not caused by refractive errors (which cause problems like long or short sight).  So they cannot be cured by prescribing orthoptic lenses.

Instead they claim these problems are caused by a condition called visual stress (also known as visual discomfort, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, Irlen Syndrome or Mears-Irlen Syndrome).

Some experts believe that there is no such thing as Irlen Syndrome. For example, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists stated that 'no scientific evidence to support the existence of such a syndrome has been found.'

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18 Jun 2018