Literature Reviews on Autism

SurveyLiterature reviews identify and evaluate the scientific literature (journal articles published in peer-reviewed journals) on specific topics.

There are numerous literature reviews on different aspects of autism, including many which look at interventions, treatments and therapies.

This section contains links to some of the most significant ones. If you know of any others we should include please email info@researchautism.net


Omissions and Feedback

There are many reviews examining the efficacy of autism interventions, treatments and therapies. This list only begins to scratch the surface of the available research. If you know of any reviews we should include in our database please email info@researchautism.net

Recommendations and Conclusions

The fact that we have listed a review here does not necessarily not imply that we endorse the recommendations or conclusions found within it. In some cases, we will hold entirely the opposite view to that expressed within the review.

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