Guidance on Technology and Autism

This page contains details of publications which provide guidance on technology and autism.

Some of the publications have been written for specific audiences (such as people on the autism spectrum, parents and carers or primary care staff ) while others are designed to be read by anyone.

Please note:

  • All of the publications listed are available for free, although you may have to provde your email address to access some of them
  • The fact that we have included a link to a publication in this section does not necessarily mean that we agree with all of the information within it.

If you know of any other publications we should include in this section please email info@researchautism.net Thanks!

Please note that we are unable to supply publications unless we are listed as the publisher. However, if you are a UK resident you may be able to obtain them from your local public library, your college library or direct from the publisher.

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