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Zhang S. et al. (2016)

Cataloguing treatments discussed and used in online autism communities.

Proceedings of the International World-Wide Web Conference

November, 26(9), pp. 784-791.

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Zheng Z. et al. (2013)

Impact of robot-mediated interaction system on joint attention skills for children with autism.

IEEE ... International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics : [proceedings]

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Zifferblatt S. et al. (1977)

Establishing generalization effects among autistic children.

Journal of Autism and Child Schizophrenia

7(4), pp. 337-347

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Zingarelli G. et al. (1992)

Clinical effects of naltrexone on autistic behavior.

American Journal of Mental Retardation

97(1), pp. 57-63

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Showing 6620 to 6640 of 6659 Results

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