Rights for Adults on the Autism Spectrum

As a person on the autism spectrum living in the UK you have some legal rights, especially if you have a formal diagnosis of autism. This is because the government considers autism to be a disability.

So, for example, if you live anywhere in the UK you have rights under the Equality Act (2010) or the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and subsequent amending legislation. These Acts require employers and service providers to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ in order to ensure they do not discriminate against you.

If you live in England, you also have rights under the Autism Act (2009), and the autism strategy which followed it. The autism strategy tells local authorities and NHS agencies what actions should be taken to meet the needs of autistic adults living in their area. The other countries in the UK have similar strategies.

Specific Acts, Policies and Strategies


Northern  Ireland


  • Equality Act (2010). London: HMSO. Read Full Item (website page). Act which legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society.
  • Scottish strategy for autism. (2011). Edinburgh: Scottish Government. Read Full Item | EasyRead (PDF documents). Strategy which sets out how public services for adults on the autism spectrum in Scotland should be delivered.


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