Resources on Autism

Two adults compiling list This section provides information about a range of organisations, websites, databases, publications and personal accounts of autism.

If you know of any resources we should include please let us know.

If you need immediate, practical help please contact the Autism Helpline on 0845 070 4004.

The Autism Helpline, run by the National Autistic Society, provides impartial, confidential information, advice and support for people on the autism spectrum, their families and carers. It is open Monday-Friday 10am - 4 pm.

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  • Autism Organisations. A list of some of the biggest organisations for people with autism, their carers and others.
  • Autism Websites. A list of 1000 plus websites on research into autism and related issues.
  • Autism Portals. A list of websites which provide links to other websites and organisations about autism.
  • Autism Forums. A list of online forums, message-boards and mail-lists about autism.
  • Autism Research. A list of autism research resources
  • Autism Publications. A list of some of the major catalogues of published materials on autism.
  • Autism Journals. A list of some of the most important peer-reviewed journals which cover autism.
  • Personal Accounts A list of personal accounts of living on the spectrum.
  • Autism Training. A list of training programmes about autism.
  • Autism Videos. Videos about autism, our work and related issues.

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