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Jakey-Olson Integrative Therapy

Jakey-Olson Integrative Therapy is an intervention which combines a form of behaviour modification and a form of meditation.


JAML is an acronym for joint attention mediated learning, a parent-led intervention for toddlers with autism that is designed to increase joint attention.

Japanese Herbal Medicine

Japanese herbal medicine, also known as kampo medicine, is an ancient Japanese system of medicine that uses a wide variety of methods for diagnosing and treating many different medical conditions.


JARs is an acronym for joint action routines, which are routine activities designed to encourage communication skills in children on the autism spectrum.


Jenloga is a brand name for clonidine, a type of drug called an alpha 2-adrenergic receptor agonist or antihypertensive.


JeStiMulE is the acronymn for Jeu Educatif pour la Stimulation Multisensorielle d'Enfants, a computer board game.

JobTIPS Employment Program

The JobTIPS program is a multimedia employment training programme.

Johansen Sound Therapy

Johansen Sound Therapy is a form of auditory integration training, an intervention in which a person with autism listens to a selection of music which has been modified.

Joint Action Routines

Joint action routines are routine activities which are designed to encourage communication skills in children with autism.

Joint Attention

Joint attention is the process by which an infant learns to recognize the direction of an adult's gaze, orient their own gaze to follow it, and then look in the same direction.

Joint Attention Mediated Learning

Joint attention mediated learning is a parent-led intervention for toddlers with autism that is designed to increase joint attention.

Joint Attention Symbolic Play Engagement and Regulation

Joint Attention Symbolic Play Engagement Regulation (JASPER) is a treatment approach based on a combination of developmental and behavioral principles.

Joint Engagement

Joint engagement occurs when someone is involved with the same object or event as another person.

Junior Detective Training Program

The Junior Detective Training Program is a programme based around four components: group social skills training, parent training, teacher handouts and a computer game.

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