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Hemisphere Specific Auditory Stimulation

Hemisphere specific auditory stimulation  is another name for Johansen Sound Therapy, a form of auditory integration training, which is an intervention in which a person with autism listens to a selection of music which has been modified.

Herbal Products

Herbal products are herbs used as botanicals, which are plants or plant parts valued for their medicinal or therapeutic properties, flavour, and/or scent.


Heterogeneity is a term used when the participants, interventions, and measurement of outcomes are disimilar across a set of studies.


Higashi is another term for daily life therapy, an intervention which uses group dynamics, physical education, art, music, academic activity and vocational training.

High Probability Command Sequences

High probability command sequences involve instructing a child or adolescent to perform multiple tasks that they have successfully demonstrated or are likely to perform, before asking them to comply with a request that is more difficult or less likely to be completed 


Hippotherapy is an intervention in which the therapist places the client on the horse; directs the movement of the horse; analyses the rider's responses; and adjusts the treatment accordingly.

Holding Therapy

Holding therapy is a a form of attachment therapy, which consists of forced holding by a therapist or parent until the child stops resisting or until a fixed time period has elapsed.

Holding Time

Holding time is another term for holding therapy, an intervention which consists of forced holding by a therapist or parent until the child stops resisting or until a fixed time period has elapsed

Holistic Processing

Holistic processing is another term for central coherence, which is the ability to understand context or to 'see the big picture' rather than focussing just on the parts.

Home-Based Behaviour Intervention

Home-based behaviour intervention is another name for early intensive behavioural intervention, a highly structured and intense intervention in which a child is taught a range of skills by a team of therapists.

Homeo-Biochemic Formulation Therapy

Homeo-biochemic formulation therapy is a homoeopathic remedy based on plant oils which are highly diluted and then added to biochemical salts.


Homeopathy is a 'treatment' based on the use of highly diluted substances, which practitioners claim can cause the body to heal itself.


Homogenity is a term used when the participants, interventions, and measurement of outcomes are similar across a set of studies.

Hormonal Therapies

Hormonal therapies include a wide range of therapies which use hormones in one form or another.


Hormones are your body's chemical messengers. They travel in your bloodstream to tissues or organs.

Horse Therapies

Horse therapies is another term for equine-assisted therapies which include hippotherapy (use of a horse to improve neurological function and sensory processing) and equine-assisted psychotherapy (use of a horse to improve mental health).


HOT is an acronym for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is the medical use of oxygen at a higher than atmospheric pressure.

Hug Box or Machine

The hug box or hug machine is a form of lateral pressure equipment, which allows individuals to apply deep pressure to themselves.

Humanistic Approach

The humanistic approach is a form of psychotherapy which encourages the client think about their feelings, and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.


Hydropathy is another name for hydrotherapy, the use of water for soothing pains and treating diseases.

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