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Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory integration therapy is another term for sensory integrative therapy, an intervention designed to help people cope with sensory difficulties.

Sensory Integrative Therapy

Sensory integrative therapy is a an intervention designed to help people cope with sensory difficulties.

Sensory Room

Sensory room is another term for a multi-sensory environment, which contains equipment and materials designed to stimulate the senses.

Sensory Sensitivity

Sensory sensitivity refers to unusual reactions or sensitivity to sensations such as sound, light or touch.

Sensory Stories

Sensory stories instruct children with autism to use calming sensory strategies in order to deal with unpleasant sensory aspects of particular situations.

Sequential Homeopathy

Sequential homeopathy is the use of homeopathic treatments in a sequence determined by the illnesses and other traumas in a person's life.


Serine is a non-essential amino acid found in many proteins in the body (e.g., casein, vitellin).

Serious Game

Serious games are games designed for a primary purpose other than entertainment.


Seroquel is a brand name for quetiapine, a type of antipsychotic drug.


Serotonin is a hormone and neurotransmitter found in many tissues, including blood platelets, intestinal mucosa, the pineal body, and the central nervous system.

Serotoninergic Diet

The serotoninergic diet requires you to eat foodstuffs which contain serotonin and avoid foodstuffs which contain high levels of protein.


SGD is an acronym for speech generating device, a form of augmentative electronic device which enables the user to speak.


Shaping is a behavioural technique, in which successively closer approximations of a desired behaviour are reinforced.

Shared Reading

Shared reading is a broad term describing activities where an adult reads aloud to children, incorporating interaction through the use of questioning and discussion.

Sheltered Employment

Sheltered employment refers to programmes which are designed to assist individuals who for whatever reason are viewed as not capable of working in a competitive employment setting in their local community.

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered housing is a type of residential care that allows people to live independently in the community but with significant support.


Shiatsu is a manipulative therapy developed in Japan and incorporating techniques of anma (Japanese traditional massage), acupressure, stretching, and Western massage.

Short Breaks

Short breaks is an intervention which consists of regular, short breaks during which individuals with autism spend some time away from their immediate family.


SIBIS is an acronym for self-injurious behaviour inhibiting system, a device designed to provide a brief electrical stimulation when it detects a blow to the head.

Siccacell or Sicca Cell Therapy

Siccacell therapy is another term for stem cell therapy, which includes a variety of procedures in which processed tissue from animal embryos, foetuses or organs, is injected or swallowed.

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