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Nosology is the systematic classification of diseases, disorders and other conditions.

Nourishing Traditions Diet

The Nourishing Traditions diet requires you to consume a combination of traditional food types while avoiding processed foods.

Nova Scotia Early Intensive Behavior Intervention model

The Nova Scotia Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention model is used in Nova Scotia and is based on a behavioural intervention called pivotal response training.


NRA is an acronym for the nonverbal reading approach, a reading strategy designed for students with severe speech and physical impairments.

NS EIBI model

NS EIBI is an acronym for the Nova Scotia Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention model, which is based on a behavioural intervention called pivotal response training.


NT is an acronym for neurotypical, a term sometimes used to describe people not on the autism spectrum.


Nucleotides are organic molecules that serve as the monomers, or subunits, of nucleic acids like DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid).


Nutraceutical is a food or nutritional supplement which is claimed to have a medicinal effect on human health.


NVLD is an acronym for non-verbal learning disorder, a condition in which individuals demonstrate the behaviour pattern of Asperger syndrome, and who also have problems with the non-verbal skills of arithmetic and some visuo-spatial skills.


Nystaforrm is a brand name for nystatin,  a type of antifungal drug.


Nystatin is a type of antifungal drug sold under various brand names including Barstatin, Candex, Korostatin, Mycostatin, Mykinac, Nilstat, Nystaform, Nystatin, Nystex and Nystop.

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This glossary is designed to explain some of the jargon and gobbledygook used by some people when they talk about autism or research..

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