Olanzapine and Autism Ranking: Mildly Hazardous Limited positive evidence

Status Research

There are a number of limitations to all of the research studies published to date. For example

  • Some of the studies – such as such Malek-Ahmadi and Simonds (1998), Tan et al. (2006) and Horrigan et al. (1997) – were case studies or case series and had either one or two participants
  • Some of the studies – such as Potenza et al. (1999), Kemner et al. (2002) and Fido and Al-Saadb (2008) – were open label i.e. non-blinded trials, and/or had no comparison control group.
  • One of the randomised controlled studies – Malone et al. (2001) – was non-blinded and had only 12 participants. The randomised controlled study that was blinded - Hollander et al. (2006) - had only 11 participants

For a comprehensive list of potential flaws in research studies, please see Why some research studies are flawed

19 Dec 2017
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