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Future Research

Recommendations for Future Research

There is still a need for more research in some areas. For example,

  • Research is needed to evaluate the longer term effects of those interventions and techniques which incorporate the principles of ABA - most studies involve only relatively short follow-up periods
  • There is a need for more comparative studies of interventions and techniques vs. other high quality, autism specific pre-school programmes.
  • Although some randomized control trials have been conducted these are small in number and the quality of the alternative intervention has not necessarily been of a high standard.
  • Any new research will need more focus on fidelity (of both the ABA-based interventions and the comparison interventions). There is also a need to explore in much greater detail moderators and mediators of treatment effectiveness.
  • In particular, the characteristics of the individuals who do, and do not, respond to intervention require systematic investigation.
  • Any future research should also involve people on the autism spectrum (including individuals who may be non-verbal)  to review the efficacy and ethical basis of interventions based on applied behaviour analysis.
31 Oct 2017
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