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There are a number of organisations which can provide details of applied behaviour analysis practitioners in various countries who specialise in treating individuals on the autism spectrum. For example, according to Green, G. et al. (200?),

“Because of the huge demand for ABA intervention for autism, many individuals and programs now claim to ‘do ABA.’ Some are private practitioners or agencies that offer to provide services by periodically coming into a family’s home; others operate private schools, and still others provide consultation services to public schools. Not all of them have the education and practical experience that the field of behavior analysis considers minimum requirements for practicing ABA. Family members and concerned professionals are urged to be cautious when enlisting anyone to ‘do ABA’ with a child, youth, or adult with autism”.


In the UK some universities offer degrees in behaviour analysis. A stronger indication, but not a guarantee of professional expertise, is the letters BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) or BCABA (Board Certified Associate Behaviour Analyst), which is similar but requires less experience. These qualifications indicate that the person has completed coursework in behaviour analysis, had clinical training and passed an exam administered by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board.

In the USA, ABA programs for learners with autism should be designed and supervised by qualified behavior analysts, preferably individuals who are Board Certified Behavior Analysts - with supervised experience providing ABA treatment for autism, or who can clearly document that they have equivalent training and experience.

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