Antipsychotics and Autism Ranking: Mildly Hazardous Unable to rate

Cost and Time


In the UK antipsychotics are available free of charge to patients within the NHS. In other countries the costs may be covered by some insurance policies.

For the latest information on costs please see BNF (British National Formulary) and BNF for Children.


Some people on the autism spectrum may be prescribed antipsychotics to help them at times of crisis or to help them overcome a particular challenging behaviour. Other people may be prescribed antipsychotics for longer periods.

NICE (2013) recommends that you should review the effectiveness and any side effects of the medication after 3–4 weeks and stop treatment if there is no indication of a clinically important response at 6 weeks.

Parental/carer involvement in the use of antipsychotics is minimal since the person on the autism spectrum usually takes them once a day.

01 Nov 2017
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