Facilitated Communication and Autism Ranking: Mildly Hazardous Limited negative evidence

Cost and Time


In theory, facilitated communication can be undertaken for free by anyone who has learnt the facilitation process. In practice, there may be costs for any training that is undertaken (which may include travel, accommodation and learning materials), and any equipment and materials used (which may include computer keyboards or letter/picturebooks.)


The amount of time it takes to undertake facilitated communication is likely to depend on the needs of the people undertaking it. For example, according to the Institute on Communication and Inclusion website, accessed on 15 March 2017,

“Because each person is unique, learning to type is an individualized process. It may take a considerable time to achieve success - sometimes weeks or months. Independence depends also on the motor issues that the person faces, as well as emotional issues. While not all communication aid users will be able to type with no physical support, independent typing is the goal for all users and their families".

31 Oct 2017
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01 May 2017
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