Coloured Filters and Autism Ranking: Insufficient/Mixed evidence

Personal Accounts

This section provides details of personal accounts of the use of coloured filters for people on the autism spectrum.

Personal accounts can be useful sources of information about the intervention but are not as scientifically valid or reliable as research trials. This may be especially true where the accounts are published by an organisation which might gain a financial advantage from the take-up of the intervention.

Please note that the views expressed in these personal accounts do not necessarily represent the views of Research Autism.

Coloured Overlays

We have been unable to identify any personal anecdotes about the use of coloured overlays in people on the autism spectrum.

Coloured Lenses

The Irlen website(Open in New Window) provides some personal accounts of the use of coloured lenses

If you know of any other personal accounts we should include please email info@researchautism.net with the details.

06 Nov 2017
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01 Apr 2016
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