Coloured Filters and Autism Ranking: Insufficient/Mixed evidence

Suppliers and Availability


Coloured lenses

There are a number of coloured lens providers in the UK, the USA and other countries.

In the UK, optometrists can be found in most town centres. Optometrists examine eyes to assess their health and to determine whether glasses or eye exercises are needed. A small but growing number of optometrists have specialised in assessing people who have reading difficulties. You can obtain a list of optometrists who prescribe coloured lenses from the Society for Coloured Lens Prescribers or the College of Optometrists.

Coloured overlays

Some optometrists can also provide coloured overlays. In addition, there are a number of commercial suppliers which will sell coloured overlays.

Please note: According to the Eye Care Trust website, accessed on 3 March 2016, “It is not sufficient to try the coloured sheets available from stationers because the colours are not subtle or varied enough.”


Coloured lenses

In the UK, optometrists must be registered with the General Optical Council.

The only people able to prescribe and supply Irlen lenses are staff of the Irlen Institute or affiliated clinics.  There are many Irlen-affiliated clinics worldwide with staff who are able to test and prescribe Irlen coloured filters.

Coloured overlays

We have been unable to identify any formal qualifications required to prescribe coloured overlays. However, we strongly recommend you should consult a qualified optometrist who will be able to identify any other vision problems.

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