TEACCH and Autism Ranking: Strong positive evidence


As the name suggests, the TEACCH Autism Program was designed for “Autistic and Communication-Handicapped Children”. However, according to the TEACCH Autism Program website, accessed on 20 July 2017, TEACCH is designed to help everyone on the autism spectrum.

“Structured TEACCHing is appropriate for individuals with ASD at all ages and functioning levels because the general principles are applied flexibly for each individual. That is, visual answers to these questions for a young or developmentally delayed child would look very different from those for a high school student or adult with average intelligence, but the general principles of using visual or written supports to organize time and space would still apply. Structured TEACCHing can help individuals with ASD learn new skills or participate appropriately in any setting, including but not limited to schools, home, community as well as employment.”

12 Dec 2017
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01 Nov 2017
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