TEACCH and Autism Ranking: Strong positive evidence

Cost and Time


The major costs of using the TEACCH Autism Program are the salaries and associated costs of the staff of the organisations which provide it. 

There may also be costs for any training that is undertaken (which may include travel, accommodation and learning materials), and any equipment and materials used. The latter may include modifications to the physical environment in the school or home, the creation of visual schedules etc.

In the UK, some local education authorities will pay for children to attend schools which follow the principles of the TEACCH Autism Program, such as the schools run by The National Autistic Society.  In the USA, some providers such as Division TEACCH, will accept Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, BCBS, State Health Plan as well as all qualified insurance plans.


The amount of time it takes to follow the TEACCH Autism Program will depend to a certain extent on the specific service being run by each provider and on the needs of the individual participants. For example, some children attending schools that follow the TEACCH model may be in full time (day or residential) education for many years.

12 Dec 2017
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