TEACCH and Autism Ranking: Strong positive evidence

Suppliers and Availability


Division TEACCH at the University of North Carolina is the main provider of TEACCH-based services within the USA. It provides a range of services for pre-school children, school-aged children and adults. It also provides training and accreditation to other suppliers in the USA and other countries. 

Outside the USA there are no equivalents to the complete TEACCH service. In the UK many schools have incorporated elements of TEACCH and Division TEACCH staff sometimes run seminars and training programmes in the UK. Other organisations (such as The National Autistic Society) also run training programmes on TEACCH.


There are no formally recognised, TEACCH-specific training qualifications. Teachers and other professionals involved in TEACCH, such as speech and language therapists, will have a range of different credentials and qualifications.

Other people, including parents and other members of the family, may also be involved. They do not need any formal qualifications, although many will have studied the materials provided by Division TEACCH or The National Autistic Society or attended one or more of their courses.

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