Risperidone and Autism Ranking: Mildly Hazardous Very strong positive evidence

Cost and Time


The cost of using risperidone will depend on a number of factors including the supplier, the brand, the dosage, and the length and frequency of treatment. Newer antipsychotics such as risperidone are generally more expensive than older antipsychotics such as haloperidol or chlorpromazine.  

In the UK medications such as risperidone are available free of charge to patients within the NHS. In other countries the costs may be covered by some insurance policies.

According to the BNF website accessed on 20 April 2018, the NHS indicative price for risperidone varies depending on the brand and the dosage. For example, 20 x 500 microgram tablets may cost £0.59; 20 x 1 mg tablets may cost £8.36; and 60 x 3 mg tablets may cost £1.55.


The amount of time required to administer risperidone will depend to a certain extent on how it is administered.  Tablets and drops are normally taken daily and can be administered by a parent if necessary. Depot injections can be given every few weeks or months but should only be administered by an appropriately trained health care worker.  

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