Dimethylglycine and Autism Ranking: Limited negative evidence

Cost and Time


The cost of buying DMG supplements depends on a range of factors including the quantity you buy, the supplier, delivery charges etc.

We found a wide range of suppliers providing DMG supplements for a wide range of prices when we did an online search on 27 January 2017. Prices varied from £6.50 to £28.99 for 100 tablets.


Edelson (2008) recommends a daily dose of DMG while Rimland (1990) states that

“If DMG is going to work, its effects will usually be seen within a week or so, though it should be tried for a few weeks or a month before giving up.”

However we would strongly recommend that you review your use of DMG supplements on a regular basis with a responsible health professional such as a health visitor or GP. This is because you are likely to experience some harm if you take any dietary supplement in large amounts over long periods of time

31 Oct 2017
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