Dimethylglycine and Autism Ranking: Limited negative evidence

Current Research

We have identified two scientific trials of dimethylglycine for the treatment of people on the autism spectrum published in peer-reviewed journals. There is also a single case study in which the parents administered a mixture of supplements (Vitamin B6, magnesium and dimethylglycine).

These studies included a total of 46 individuals aged 3 to 30.

The two clinical trials (Bolman and Richmond, 1999; and Kern et al. 2001) reported no significant improvements following the use of dimethylglycine.

The single case study (Xia, 2011) reported the child's “mother has also noticed tremendous improvements in him. His major responses to the treatment included his increased ability in communicating with others, more verbal, and more eye contacts.”Kern et al, 2001 reported some side effects “In the dimethylglycine group, parents reported difficulty sleeping in one child, increased aggressiveness in one child, and increased activity (hyperactivity) in two children.”

31 Oct 2017
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01 Apr 2017
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