Dramatherapy and Autism Ranking: Unrated


Drama therapy Dramatherapy is a form of therapy which uses drama and other performance arts to help individuals bring about psychological, emotional and social changes.

The dramatic aspect of the approach explores aspects of story telling, role play, enactment and mime, as well as covering voice production and the use of artifacts as props.

This therapeutic approach aims to work on the psychological needs of people with autism either on an individual basis or within a larger group.

Our Opinion

There is currently little research evidence to suggest that dramatherapy produces any significant benefit for people with autism.

However we believe that, used skillfully, it can provide a tool to explore a number of issues that are either experienced by people with autism or are relevant to the individual's current life experience.

For example, drama therapy can be used to address the core symptoms of autism.


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11 Sep 2017
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01 Oct 2014
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