Dolphin Therapy and Autism Ranking: Mildly Hazardous Insufficient/Mixed evidence


Dolphin therapy is used with a wide range of people with varying conditions, including people on the autism spectrum. For example:

  • According to Fiksdal et al (2012), “Supporters and therapists of DAT claim it is effective in treating people with clinical disorders as well as conditions including autism, epilepsy, Angelman syndrome, Down’s syndrome, dyslexia, Rett syndrome, Tay-Sachs disease, Tourette syndrome, William syndrome, cancer, and AIDS”. 
  • According to Kohn and Oerter (2013), dolphin therapy has been used with children and adults ranging in age from two to 30 years old and with a range of conditions including cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, ADHD and autism.


18 Dec 2017
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01 Nov 2017
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