Dolphin Therapy and Autism Ranking: Mildly Hazardous Insufficient/Mixed evidence

Cost and Time


According to Brakes and Williamson (2007), 

“The cost for two weeks of DAT varies a great deal and a variety of packages are available. Figures given by Humphries (2003) quote a typical price of around $2,600 (approximately £1,370) for five 40 minute sessions (Humphries 2003), but it can cost a participant and one parent more than £3,300 for two weeks, including flights and accommodation . At the more expensive end of the market is 'Dolphin Human Therapy', which, during 2006, cost US$7,850 for two weeks, or US$ 11,800 for three weeks. These quoted prices are for the therapy only (five sessions per week) and do not include flights and accommodation.”

“There are other hidden costs such as surcharges for health care, which should be taken into consideration. Families are generally encouraged to bring children for a minimum of two weeks of DAT. When flights, accommodation and loss of earnings are taken into account, such excursions can cost up to ₤10,000.”


The length and frequency of dolphin therapy varies enormously from one organisation to another. Some providers of dolphin therapy run week or month-long programmes. Others provide single sessions that last a couple of hours.  You may also need to allow for travel time which may be considerable if you are travelling to and staying overseas.

18 Dec 2017
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