Weighted Items and Autism Ranking: Insufficient/Mixed evidence

Cost and Time


The cost of weighted items varies enormously, depending on the supplier, the size of the item, the materials used, whether you buy new or second-hand, or whether you have the item specially made for you or make it yourself. The following costs for new items were taken from a variety of UK websites in September 2017. 

  • Weighted blankets, approximately £45-£525.
  • Weighted vests, approximately £38-£90.
  • Weighted belts, approximately £10-£60.  
  • Shoulder wraps, approximately £15-£29.
  • Lap pads, approximately £35-£55.


There is no general agreement on the frequency or length of time that weighted item should be used. 

In practice, weighted blankets tend to be used all night, every night. Weighted vests, on the other hand, are sometimes worn for 10 minute periods, for 45 minute periods or sometimes for most of the school day. 

12 Jun 2018
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