George, please don't abandon autistic people and their families

Many people on the autism spectrum and their families will be highly anxious about the Spending Review on 25 November. These are people who, because of the nature of their disability, may rely on public services to pay for basics such as food and heating, to carry out essential tasks such as washing and cooking and to do everyday things like travelling on a bus or going for a walk. Despite the government's promises to protect vulnerable people and be family-friendly, many of these services have seen budgets squeezed - and some have stopped running altogether.

George Osborne has asked government departments to find savings of 25-40%, with only health, the schools budget and aid protected. We, at The National Autistic Society, are deeply concerned that further cuts to crucial services, particularly adult social care, disability benefits and disabled children's services, will leave people on the autism spectrum vulnerable. Without access to support, many autistic people and their families may fall into crisis and could develop mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, which require far more intensive - and expensive - support.

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20th November 2015
Huffington Post